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Liverpool FC International Academy America is dedicated to the growth and development of every Liverpool player, striving for the total development of the individual and the team.  Development, including technical skill, tactical knowledge, physical power and fitness, confidence, leadership and the achievement of goals will be accomplished through perseverance, work ethic, sacrifice, dedication, sportsmanship and a belief in both themselves and the team.


Liverpool FC International Academy America is a youth soccer club dedicated to creating a supportive, positive environment which challenges athletes to recognize and realize both their potential as a soccer player, athlete, student and part of a community as well as the power they hold inside each of them to reach their goals.  Liverpool FC International Academy America is committed to our players, our community and our pledge to conduct our actions and words with character, a continuous turn toward quality and to honor the history and traditions of Liverpool FC England.


 Every player

 Every coach

   Every parent

 Every team

  Every game

Every goal

      Every concern

    Every dream


Pillars of Excellence

Pillar One - Club of Character

Liverpool is a club of character.  Character is defined as building excellence through specific standards of behavior exhibited at all times as well as beliefs rooted deeply in the heart of our organization.  The character traits of Liverpool FC International Academy America can be found in our expectations for all staff, coaches, athletes and parents; to act with honesty, competence, dedication, inspiration, intelligence, understanding, courage, plain-spoken truths, vision and the willingness and ability to help our athletes achieve their dreams.  At Liverpool FC International Academy America, we do not command excellence, we build it, and we never ask anything of another person that we do not ask of ourselves.  Character is defined by what you do when no one is looking.

Pillar Two - A Constant Turn Towards Quality

Quality is identified as a standard to which all others are compared.  The quality of our play, our teams, our training and our athletes is a reflection of our dedication to excellence, and serves as a constant compass for the development of our athletes.  Liverpool’s vision for success creates programs and avenues that promote, drive and develop our teams to their greatest potential.  It is the relentless pursuit of perfections, determination and expectations to finding purpose for every athlete and a solution for every obstacle.  This turn towards quality is a continuous turn that never stops.  The purpose of this organization lies within the dreams of our athletes.  Leaders within this club live the vision and values we set forth as goals, set high standards, and honorably serve every Liverpool athlete.

Pillar Three - The History & Tradition of Liverpool FC

In the game of soccer, Liverpool is legend.  Over the course of more than 100 years, Liverpool has undoubtedly produced many of the greatest athletes, managers and stories ever seen or told.  Names like Shankly, Paisley, Anfield, Whelan, Melia, Callaghan, St John, Rush and many more grace the plaques and cups in the trophy room at Anfield.  Revered for its fierce pride, distinctive culture and absolute winning style, the traditions of Liverpool inspire Liverpool FC International Academy America today. 

Determined to echo the fundamental principles that Liverpool is known for, such as the “pass and move” philosophies on the field as well as deeply rooted passion off the field, ties to Liverpool not only on paper, but in the honor and heritage we feel here in the United States.  Liverpool is more than a name; it is a spirit within our athletes. 

Liverpool FC International Academy America athletes are proud to echo the infamous chorus heard across the Atlantic…. because if you are part of Liverpool… “you’ll never walk alone.”


Liverpool FC International Academy America is recognized as an official part of the International Football Academy Soccer School, Liverpool England.   As the only partner of the International Football Academy in the United States, Liverpool FC International Academy America takes the stewardship of this international brand as both a responsibility as well as an honor.  Liverpool FC International Academy America has been asked to represent with character, quality and tradition the greatest brand in international soccer history and to do so by teaching smart, passionate, dedicated athletes who love the game of soccer what it means to be a part of the Liverpool FC family.

Liverpool FC International Academy America has been given permission to use the official logo of the International Football Academy and the guidelines supporting its usage. 

Liverpool FC International Academy America has been given the opportunity to send coaches and players to Liverpool FC, England to train within the grounds of the academy, to work with the academy coaches and to learn about and through the International Football Academy.

Liverpool FC England will help to educate and train our coaches in “The Liverpool Way” as an important part of the relationship with Liverpool FC America.  This includes coaching education, curriculum, team structure and playing standards.

Liverpool FC International Academy America will host the International Football Academy camp during the summer.  The Liverpool International Football Academy will send lead coaches over to conduct the camps and to work individually with the athletes and coaches of Liverpool FC International Academy America, teaching both methods and content found within “the Liverpool Way” and the Liverpool curriculum.