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LFC Camp Alert - Tuesday June 26

06/26/2018, 5:45am CDT
By Daniel Olstad

Significant severe weather possible today!

Severe Storms Possible Today

There is a significant threat of severe storms this morning.  Please be aware and look out for any changes to our camp schedule today.

In the event of lightning in the area the protocol is to remove players from the field and wait 30 minutes until resuming play.  During that 30 minute wait period if lightning should occur again the clock resets.

Safety of the players is our first priority and any changes or cancellations to today's camp schedule will be to ensure player safety.


9:15am - 2002-2008 group is cancelled today.  

There is still lighting in the area and the weather seems to unpredictable for to take a chance in running camp today. We feel it is a safety risk to have a large group of players on the field without a great amount of shelter if storms are to continue to develop.

8:40am - 2002-2008 group will begin at 10:00am.  Camp will end at noon as normal.

7:35am - Group 1 Cancelled due to lighting

7:00am - No changes at this time

6:15am - No changes to camp schedule at this time

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