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Coach Spotlight - Jeremy Dubois

09/12/2018, 7:00am CDT
By Coach Spotlight

Name: Jeremy Sebastien John Robin Dubois (yes, I have THREE middle names!)


Age: 31


Hometown: Born in Cannes, in the south of France. I grew up in Paris until the age of 6, before moving to Tahiti, French Polynesia where I got to play for the Tahitian National Team and especially the Beach Soccer National Team. I moved to the United States for college at Simpson College, IA. I moved to Saint Louis in 2013. 


Family: My wife Molly is an accountant. I also have two older brothers, and a lot of nephews and nieces from my side and my wife’s side of the family with a grand total of 10.


Pets: I don’t have any pets, but I would love to have a dog someday, whenever I have space for it.


Years of Coaching: Five. I started coaching in 2013 after meeting Coach Daniel Olstad.


Teams Coached at LFC IA STL: 2010 Boys Barnes, 2007 Boys Alonso, and 2005 Boys Hyypia.


Favorite Team: Real Madrid and France, of course.


Favorite Player: Without hesitation, Zinedine Zidane. This will probably be the answer you will get from any French soccer fan. Currently, I enjoy watching Killian Mbappe and our Liverpool own Roberto Firmino.


Coaching Education: I hold my United States Soccer Federation (USSF) C License and I am working towards my B license. I plan on going all the way up the ladder and getting my Pro license.


Why did you start coaching? After I moved to Missouri, I looked for a club to play. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a club for adults, so I decided to stay involved in soccer and coach at the local club. There, I met Coach Daniel and the rest is history.


Coaching Role Models: On a daily basis I have two. Coach Daniel Olstad has been my mentor for more than four years now and he helps me grow as a coach. I also have many discussions with my grand father, Laurent Robuschi, who was an international player for France and a coach after retiring as a player. In addition, I try to read as many books as possible about soccer and watch games every day to further my education and knowledge about the game. Some of my favorite coaches include Klopp, Guardiola, Ancelloti, and Zidane.


Favorite Coaching Memory: My first game has a High School Girls coach is a great memory. I am also happy to have impacted the lives of some of my college players (I coached as an assistant at Missouri Baptist University for two years). Some of them still text me to talk about soccer or life in general.  


What are your hobbies outside of soccer? I love to read. My wife and I probably own over 2000 books, including 50 just about soccer. I am passionate about History, especially World War II history. I also play video games, FIFA being the main one.  


Favorite TV Show: I love sitcoms like Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation. However, my favorite has to be the French show Kaamelott.


Favorite Book: The entire Harry Potter series. I have read those four or five times already. For a book about soccer, I love Pep Confidential, about Guardiola’s first year at Bayern Munich.


Did you play other sports growing up? Both my parents were P.E teachers so I grew up playing every sport possible, even baseball and football. If I hadn’t play soccer, I probably would have played rugby as my dad played and coached at a high level. 


What is something people may never guess about you? I hold three different college degrees. I did four years of Law at the University of French Polynesia, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Journalism, and a Masters in Sports Management. I guess I have a hard time picking just one subject!

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